(ABV 5%) (IBU 20): This all weather beer is perfect for anyone who wants a fresh, clean, crisp beer that is both flavorful and refreshing. AU Golden Ale is our lightest beer; it is gold in color with great head retention. There is a nice bready character that is balanced by a slight grain flavor. Our golden finishes crisp and clean with just the slightest hint of spice. Ask for an AU and see who turns their head.


(ABV 6.0%) (IBU 26): The flames are advancing to the water edge, and you can almost taste the toasted wood. Build from this by adding caramel and toffee flavors and you will just have had the Fire Break Irish Red Ale. The color is deep fire red, the nose has caramel with a hint of chocolate (bittersweet), and the flavor; oh well, the flavor. . . Complex and rich – toffee and caramel, chocolate and roast, you WILL need a break from this fire once you’ve tried it. Live for the Break be warmed by the Fire. For every keg of Fire Break Irish Red Ale sold, American River Brewing Company will make a donation to a Firefighters charity.


(ABV 5.5%) (IBU 35): Deep brown in color and creamy thick head are just the first signs that this is a different sort of brown ale. Rich flavors of chocolate and coffee with hints of roast bring the pallet alive, finishing with a lingering hoppy and roasted character that leaves you wanting more. This Robust American Brown Ale has a velvet and silky quality that makes you think you are enjoying a malt shake rather than a beer. Wonderful with food or as a stand alone, either way there is no longer a reason to fear the dark.


(ABV 6.8%) (IBU 70): IMPORTANT – this IS NOT a West Coast IPA. This beer is styled after the more traditional English IPA’s. The huge alcohol and aggressive hopping is not present. The color of Sunrise is deep orange; the nose is malty and woody with just a hint of aroma hops. The pallet is earthy and sweet with oak and finally finishes with a grassy spicy bitterness of hops. We use French Oak in the fermentation process that lends a different character to the finished beer. Sunrise is an American salute to our British heritage and is an opportunity to experience a taste of the old world.


(ABV 6.2%) (IBU 100+) Sacramento’s Special Bitter – Made with English floor malted barley and US grown hops – this balanced triple IPA combines the best of Old World and New World ingredients. Citrus and spice notes are the first to grace your nose, followed by ginger and piney sweetness on your pallet. The finish is full of pine and more spice but balanced with malty sweetness.

HONEY BRITCHES ALE (seasonal April through July)

ABV(5.3%) With spring comes new life, a rebirth of color from flowers blooming. Bees gracefully fly from bloom to bloom, gathering sweet nectar and return it to the hive. Sweet and floral honey is then gathered by our friends at Gerard’Z Honeybees and used to make our Honey Britches. Light and crisp with the unmistakable flavor of fresh honey makes this the perfect spring beer. .

INSINERATOR (seasonal July through September)

Scoville units (300,000) ABV (6.8%) Not for the faint of heart or the bleeding ulcer. This beer carries HEAT. We used fresh habanero peppers and cracked black pepper to create a beer that is both sweet and hot. First there is spice (like candied ginger) followed by a cool malty sweetness. THEN. . . the intense flavor and heat from the habanero and black pepper. Your journey ends with a lingering tickle at the base of your throat. And you are left with a question – Did this really happen? I need another to be sure.

PUMPKIN FALLS (seasonal Mid-September through November)

ABV (5%) Ah fall – the time for temperatures’ to drop, leaves to start to turn, the start of family get-togethers – AND – Pumpkin Pie. Or, in this case Pumpkin Falls. This fall seasonal tastes just like your mothers pumpkin pie, only in a glass and without whipped cream. Spicy cinnamon and nutmeg with the slightest hint of allspice will make you hooked and you’ll find yourself reaching for a glass rather than a fork.

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